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Invisible Braces vs Metal Braces

Many shy away from treating malaligned teeth as they don't want a metal smile. With Invisible braces, you can have metal-free braces and a beautiful smile too. It consists of a clear, invisible, and removable aligner fixed onto your teeth and brings out favorable tooth movements. Dr. Colin Osborne in Lumberton, NC, says Invisible braces are suitable for malaligned teeth which are not too severe. Invisible braces are a popular choice among adults who are conscious of their appearance.

The dentist evaluates if the patient is a suitable candidate for invisible teeth braces. In cases of tooth rotations or extreme crowding of teeth, it may not be the ideal treatment. Impressions of the mouth are taken to record the measurements. A series of photographs and X-rays may also be needed to assess the degree of malalignment. The measurements are sent to the lab for making custom aligners. Each patient is provided custom aligners that apply targeted pressure in specific areas. The aligners are changed multiple times during the treatment period when tooth movements are achieved. In our office at Lumberton, NC, Invisible braces treatment is completed in around 6-18 months.

Invisible dental braces are comfortable to wear and they can be removed, unlike metal braces. You don't have to change your diet during treatment. Metal braces require the patient to stay away from sticky and hard foods as they may harm the braces and wires. It also makes brushing and flossing the teeth challenging. Many times the patient comes to the dental office with a dislodged brace wire.

Considering many of these factors, invisible braces can be a better choice for you.
Malaligned teeth can affect your confidence and make oral hygiene practices difficult leading to tooth decay and gum diseases.

To know more about invisible braces in Lumberton, NC, schedule an appointment with Dr. Colin Osborne by calling (910) 738-9396 today.

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