Tips to Make Your Whiter Smile Last a Lifetime

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Tips to Make Your Whiter Smile Last a Lifetime

You don’t have to fork over tons of money for whiter teeth. Sometimes the answers lie within your home and your habits. Tips for Lasting Teeth Whitening
I’m sure if most people had a choice, they would always choose to have a whiter smile. Since this is the first thing most people notice about one another, you want to make sure that first impression is a positive one. Perhaps you’ve considered teeth whitening but you’re not quite ready to take the plunge. If you want to find ways to get and maintain whiter teeth in the comfort of your own home, your local dentist has some handy tips for getting your whites whiter:  
  1. While we always recommend brushing your teeth twice a day, if you really want a white smile, then you will want to brush between meals, as well. This includes brushing in the middle of the day after you’ve finished your lunch.
  2. Are you getting ready to head to bed? Think you’ve already finished your nightly regime? If you didn’t use your floss, then think again. You need to floss daily if you want a more radiant smile. We recommend flossing right before bedtime, when it is most effective. Sure, flossing might seem more time-consuming, but once you make a habit of it or start seeing results, it will become a natural part of your routine.
  3. Visit your dentist every six months for regular checkups and cleanings. Your dental hygienist has the special tools that can give you a deep down clean that you just won’t be able to get at home.
  4. Cut back on wine, coffee, tea and dark sodas, as they will only cause stains.
  5. Since you’re already brushing like a fiend, you might as well invest in toothpaste that aids in whitening. Look for products that contain baking soda and other whitening agents to help.
  6. Diet is also a big part of keeping your teeth clean. We recommend eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and avoiding junk and processed foods, which stick to teeth and cause stains.
  7. This might seem obvious but if you’re a smoker looking for a whiter smile, then it might be time to say goodbye to those stain-producing cigarettes. Cigarettes contain tar, which can cause some pretty severe stains. They also contribute to plaque buildup, which causes gum disease. Compound this with bad breath, and you have one habit that’s anything but good for your smile.
Sure, there are about a hundred different things you could do to get your smile whiter; however, this is a great jumping-off point for someone looking to brighten their teeth without professional teeth whitening. However, if you are interested in our teeth whitening system, give us a call. We are always happy to tell you more about cosmetic dentistry.
Of course, there were probably some at-home whitening tips that we missed. If there is anything that’s particularly helped get your teeth more radiant, we want to know about it (and I’m sure our patients do, too!).

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