Keeping Dentures Clean Goes A Long Way To Their Lasting Success

Keeping Dentures Clean Goes A Long Way To Their Lasting Success

DenturesDental patients who have missing teeth often choose dentures as the smile-saving solution for their mouth. Characterized as a removable replacement for absent teeth that's made from acrylic resin and other specific metals, dentures represent one of the leading solutions for dental patients with holes in their smile.

At the Lumberton, NC office of Colin Osborne, III, DDS, patients whose teeth have decayed or been significantly damaged to the point of falling out often decide on denture options. While complete dentures are used for mouths that are wholly absent of teeth, custom-made partial dentures fill in the gaps left behind by missing teeth while keeping your remaining natural teeth from shifting. If you're one of the many Americans today with dentures or are thinking of getting them soon, take a look below at how you should care for them once they're placed in your smile.

Denture Care

Your dentures should be brushed daily using a denture brush if possible. This helps rid them of any existing food particles that may have gotten stuck in them recently when you ate, keeping them beautiful and free from the progressive discoloration caused by untreated plaque build-up. Even if you don't use a denture brush, at least remember to use a brush with soft bristles, because hard-bristled brushes can damage dentures.

Attempt to brush even those teeth that hide beneath the denture's metal clasps, as plaque often will hide out there, raising your chances of tooth decay. Also, don't forget to address neighboring dental surfaces (gums, tongue, palate) when you brush your dentures, as these, too, are notorious for harboring hidden bacteria that will only grow and spread if you don't keep them from doing so by brushing daily.

Before you go to bed, remember to place your dentures in water, as leaving them out in dry settings can damage their perfect shape over time.

Also, a healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains carry fewer substances that oral bacteria can thrive on when they're in your mouth, so eat them as often as you can.

For more information on dentures and how you should care for them, give Dr. Osborne a call today at (910) 738-9396 and receive dental solutions that last a lifetime in Lumberton, NC!

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