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Are Dentures Right for Me?

Find out if getting dentures is the best tooth replacement option for your smile.

Here are some things to consider before talking to your Lumberton, NC dentist Dr. Colin Osborne about dentures.

Dentures are not real teethDentures

If you’ve been considering having teeth extracted because they are misshapen or unsightly you may want to consider another route before turning to extractions and dentures. Remember that while dentures can certainly give you back a full smile they aren’t the same as natural teeth.

Dentures won’t prevent bone and facial changes

The minute permanent teeth fall out or are removed the face begins to change rather quickly. Even if dentures are placed immediately, over time the jawbone will begin to deteriorate since there are no tooth roots stimulating the bone to develop new, healthy bone cells. As a result, the bone shrinks down and recedes and the cheeks begin to sink in. Tooth loss can prematurely age people so it’s important to make note of this before deciding on the right dental restoration for you.

It can be challenging, particularly when you first get dentures, to speak or chew comfortably. Don’t be surprised if teeth do shift around a bit. Also, unlike real teeth or other dental restorations like implants, you have to remove your dentures every night before bed.

Dentures need to be cleaned everyday

Just like natural teeth, dentures also need to be treated the same way. This means brushing them at least twice a day, but preferably after every meal, and then making sure to take them out every night before bedtime to place them in a soaking solution. If any denture care seems confusing don’t hesitate to talk to your general dentist in Lumberton about how to properly care for your dentures.

Dentures are a budget-friendly option

For many of our patients dealing with severe or complete tooth loss, getting dentures can be a lifesaver for their smile. Just being able to replace their teeth with something that isn’t going to harshly impact their budget can be a real relief. While other options may offer more benefits, patients looking to replace their smile quickly and on a fixed budget may find that dentures are a more reasonable solution.

Untreated tooth loss can cause further complications for your oral health. Don’t let irreparable damage happen to you. Turn to your Lumberton dentist Dr. Osborne today.

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